Simplify your time.

In today’s fast-paced, electronic-infused world of frenzy and distraction, sometimes being a little bit different means slowing down and appreciating the moment. Like enjoying bourbon served neat, meticulously restoring a vintage car, or sending a hand-written thank you letter. We build traditional, mechanical watches for those genuine folks out there who demand high quality and hard work. That’s why you have to wind our limited edition, pilot-styled Bergstrom watch. You give it 40 turns, it will give you back 46 hours of dedicated service.

We created a brand that helps you remember why you love mechanical watches in the first place.

Never Obsolete

Unlike most things we buy today, a mechanical watch simply lasts. The Swiss movements that power all DuFrane models have been reliably used by luxury watch brands for decades. We made a decision early on to only use traditional, mechanical movements that are either manually wound or automatically wound by the daily movements of your arm. It's certainly a little bit different, but so is going back to the basics. There are no batteries to change, and no upgrades to download. Just a little manual labor.

Effort = Reward, just like in life.

Get it right

We have spent countless hours and great expense to bring to market watches with character. From the coin-edge bezel on the Bergstrom to the size of the hour markers on the Barton Springs 656, each design element was carefully considered, and painfully scrutinized. Even the leather straps are custom designed and hand made.


We have two watch styles available, the aviation-styled Bergstrom or the Barton Springs 656 diver model. In order to provide our customers with flexibility, the Bergstrom comes in either a Matte Steel or Matte Bronze case finish, as well with multiple dial options, and even an upgraded, decorated movement (select the Bergstrom Premium model below). The Barton Springs 656 is available in four dial configurations, for those who want color and date window options. All variations can be seen on each product page by selecting below the model, then choosing available options per model.

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