​All DuFrane Watches come with an international one-year warranty, starting from the Date of Shipment as noted on your Warranty Card. Since we are not a retail store, but rather we build each piece and ship it directly to you, the Date of Purchase will be noted on each Warranty Card (so keep it!).

What does this mean? If your DuFrane Watch fails due to a manufacturing defect resulting in normal use, we will replace free of charge any defective component appropriately recorded by our technical services team during the warranty period. Simply fill out the Contact Us form to start the process.

​What isn't covered? Earthquakes or other acts of God, ex-girlfriends keeping them, dismantling the movement just to see if you can reassemble it, smashing the crystal on a rock after getting scared by underwater life while diving... But seriously, accidental damage, scratches, theft and normal wear and tear are not warrantable items. Additionally, this warranty does not cover any damage to the watch case, crystal, watch bracelet / band, bezel, straps, screws, crown/stem, finishes, clasps/buckles, or any other physical damage to the watch. Don't improperly use or mistreat your DuFrane Watch, and it can last for decades.


So what are some things to consider to keep these watches ticking properly?

No hot water- Yes, each piece has a water resistance rating etched/printed on it. However, it is never a good idea to expose any watch to extreme water temperature changes. Meaning, don't wear it in a hot tub or shower. Even though great care and engineering has gone into making these watches water resistant, extreme temperature changes may cause the metal and rubber seals to expand and contract (ever so slightly) which may introduce water to the movement. The chances of this are not great, but still, simply remove before getting into hot water.

Salt water- If you expose your watch to salt water, which is not a problem at all, it is always a good idea to run it under clean water to rinse off any excess salt. Salt has a tendency to prematurely deteriorate the silicone seals and gaskets, so this is a good practice to help lengthen the lifespan of those components. This isn't just for your DuFrane watch, rather this is a best practice for any watch exposed to salt water conditions.

Maintenance- Since we only use genuine Swiss movements, any reputable watch repair facility can tune and perform regular maintenance. It is recommended that every 5 years you simply bring your watch into a watch repair facility for service. These are mechanical marvels. However, they rely on jewels and oils to keep friction to a minimum. Guess what, just like anything mechanical and tunable (a car, motorcycle, guitar...), maintenance needs to be performed.


Unless noted on the Product Page, pre-order payments are non-refundable and can only be used for store credit. International buyers are responsible for their own customs duties.

Our products are shipped using the following carriers: USPS, FedEx, and UPS.


New DuFrane watches in original, unworn condition may be returned within seven (7) days of delivery for a full refund to the original payment method. All watches must be returned with all original packaging and paperwork. To initiate a return, simply email info@dufranewatches.com and we will provide instructions.