Vintage Store

Wait, what? A Vintage Store?

We are an independent watch brand first and foremost. However, our watch designs are influenced by vintage timepieces and we have great respect for the historically significant brands you will see represented here. If you are not quite ready for a DuFrane piece, but are in the market for a new-to-you watch, we've curated a small collection of high quality vintage pieces. All will stay true to our mechanical movement philosophy. All vintage pieces are backed by a six-month warranty to function and be free from operational defects.  

Sorry, no returns on vintage pieces, except in the instance of a non-genuine watch. If one of our vintage pieces is found to not be genuine, we will offer a full refund, so buy with confidence! 

These are vintage watches so there is no guarantee with respect to water resistance and accuracy. They are all keeping time within +/- 3 mins per day.

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