The Bergstrom


The Bergstom is named after Captain John August Earl Bergstrom. He was stationed in the Philippines at Clark Field during WWII. Captain Bergstrom was killed by the simultaneous bombings of Pearl Harbor and other military areas in the Philippines in December 1941. Tragically, he was the first native Austinite killed during the war. Austin's military field, once called Del Valle Air Base, was renamed to Bergstrom Air Force Base in 1948. Since the decommissioning of the military base, the field is now called Austin Bergstrom International Airport.   

We launched with an aviation-styled watch not only to honor the story of Captain Bergstrom, but also because of our love of the historical significance of a "pilot's watch." There was a time when flight navigation was very manual and completely depended on a few key factors, one of which was the accurate keeping of time. Watch technology in the early 1900's was still centered around pocket watches and it became increasingly difficult to manage all the operations of an aircraft while trying to hold on to a pocket watch. To resolve this, pilot's began to simply strap their watches to their wrists, and there began an entirely new classification/style of watch.

The movement used in the Bergstrom has direct ties to this traditional era. The large Swiss made ETA 6498 movement is manual winding and has a separate register at the 6:00 position to displays seconds, very similar to those early pocket watches. To add a little character to your Bergstrom, we have made an optional Horizon Dial which is fashioned directly after the artificial horizon instrument used in all aircrafts. 

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