The Barton Springs 656

Limited Edition Men’s Diver Watch

Named for Austin’s natural swimming pool, the Barton Springs 656 diver watch is durable, functional, and stylish. Its colorful nylon strap is a nod to the fun and youthful spirit of Austin, and the sunburst dial options symbolize light reflections on Barton Springs. Low maintenance, it has an automatic mechanical Swiss Sellita SW200 movement so it’s powered by the inertia of your arm and wrist movements. This reliable 26 jeweled workhorse movement has a 38 hour reserve time. The Barton Springs 656 is made with the latest enhancements for durability, precision, and longevity. The Barton Springs 656 is now available in either brushed stainless steel or Black PVD finish.

Convenient and practical, this diver watch can easily be dressed up or down quickly by changing straps. Each watch comes equipped with a tri-colored nylon NATO-styled strap, as well as an incredibly comfortable, quick release silicone strap from Barton Watch Bands in either Black, Navy Blue, or Black and Orange. Alternatively, select an optional 316L stainless steel Mesh or Oyster bracelet to truly set your Barton Springs 656 apart (currently not offered in black PVD).

Its clean and classic design features a sterile unidirectional bezel, which rotates counter-clockwise for safety and measures up to 60 minutes. Divers use the bezel to measure the amount of time spent underwater or time left in the dive based on remaining air supply. The Barton Springs 656’s oversized hour markers make it easy to read with just a glance, and give it extra character. Generous SuperLuminova C3 allows for high visibility at night. And just as the name implies, this diver watch reaches a depth of 656 feet, and has a two-piece, watertight case. It’s not just for sport dives though. The Barton Springs 656 is an excellent everyday watch.

Ideal for anyone with an active and adventurous lifestyle, the bezel on this diver watch can also be used daily as a timer for cooking or meetings. True to Austin style, it has a subtle vintage charm, which comes from a few design elements, such as the exposed crown, domed crystal, and drilled lugs. The Barton Springs 656 evokes a sense of relaxation and recreation, just like the springs it’s inspired by. With only 300 ever made, this limited edition diver watch is sure to go fast. Get yours now with free shipping included.

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