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This vintage Clebar chronograph brings us back to a time when the world ran on analog clocks. Masterfully engineered, the classic mechanical movement in this Clebar chronograph is iconic. Clebar watches were renowned for their remarkable and pristine chronograph models. Like all of the vintage watches offered by DuFrane Watches, this wristwatch was hand selected for its extraordinary craftsmanship.

Truly vintage, Clebar first appeared in 1925, but really hit their stride in the 60’s. Distributed along side of Zodiac watches, Clebar are often considered part of the same clan. They were both manufactured in Le Lochle, Switzerland, the pinnacle of the watchmaking industry, but by different manufacturers. The company making Clebar was Leonidas Watch Factory and they also manufactured for the automotive and aerospace industries. The watch factory eventually merged with Ed. Heuer, and went on to become TAG Heuer.

The sleek and minimal design behind this Clebar evokes a feeling of a simpler world, and a focused maturity. Featuring Valjoux 7733 movement and built with Incabloc shock protection, this smooth manual winding chrono watch is durable and is still in excellent original condition. It’s been fully serviced, but maintains all of its original parts — including the supremely soft Hirsch sheepskin strap. It has two chrono hands, an hour hand and a half hour hand, which are perfect for daily habits, like keeping track of meetings, cooking times, or running time. The classic cushion case with domed acrylic crystal is in an exceptional, like-new state. Meanwhile, the pull out crown makes it super easy to set and gives it a smooth wind.

For those new to chronographs, this type of watch has an additional hand that can be used like a stopwatch. The additional hands, known as chrono hand, have controls to start, stop, or reset them. Modern chronographs are more sophisticated with technological advances, but the movement in this Clebar marked a benchmark in history.

It has not been tested for water resistance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Width (no crown) 37 mm
  • Width (with crown) 41.5 mm
  • Excellent domed acrylic crystal
  • Case has been lightly polished during overhaul
  • Pull out crown with smooth wind and easy setting
  • Pushers work perfectly and are correct
  • Swiss Valjoux 7733 movement
    • 17 Jewels
    • Incabloc shock protection


Not tested to be water resistant, we recommend never submerging a vintage watch. Sorry, no returns on vintage watches, unless the piece is found not to be authentic. So please contact us for any questions/clarifications. There is not a timing guarantee with our vintage watches, but we do time them to be +/- 3 mins per day. 

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