Why a watch brand in Austin?

Live Music, UT Football, Lake Travis, Willie Nelson, Dell, and DuFrane Watches? Well, maybe one of these is not synonymous when thinking of Austin... At least, not yet. There are a great many things to love about Austin and here at DuFrane Watches we hope to help capture a little of its magic into our microbrand.

What makes Austin so unique? If you could ask the over 22 million tourist each year, the resounding answer (in my opinion) would be the town's energy, style and awesome people. We are a place that embraces technology and the ever-changing progress from a town to a city, but you'll still find horse back riding police officers on patrol. If you are looking for vintage-decorated bars with vest-wearing bar keeps serving craft cocktails, we have you covered (take Whislers as example). If you find yourself standing in line at Franklin BBQ 3 hours before they open and need to use the facilities, the awesome person behind you will gladly hold your spot (well, maybe not...). But seriously, some of the most genuine, non-pretentious and just downright nice people call Austin home.

DuFrane Watches is based in Austin, and we believe in all things Austin. Vintage-inspired designs, high quality mechanical movements, attention to detail and a pure love of all things watches. We hope you will enjoy this journey with us. And if you ever find your self in Austin, please do look us up as I'm always willing to grab a coffee (or cold one) with a new friend.