Austin Inspired Watches

Our company motto is “history remembers those who are a little bit different.” Maybe it’s the keep Austin weird culture here that makes us think this way, but there’s something fundamentally true behind it. From bold, risk takers to extravagant characters, every great legacy has a mark of distinction that makes them truly unique. In Austin, we celebrate that mark of distinction, and the beauty of individuality.

As a watch company rooted in Austin, our watch designs are sophisticated with a certain finesse that adds character and charm. Each of our watches are inspired by local spots in Austin, like the Barton Springs swimming pool and Bergstrom airport. They embody a sense of adventure and stability.

Company Origins

Born from the passion of a serious watch collector in Austin, DuFrane Watches launched in 2016 after twenty years of collecting, researching, and designing. While on a personal quest to uncover man’s relationship with time through the historical use of timepieces, and how these tools impacted our world, founder and CEO of DuFrane Watches, Steven, began creating his own watch designs — inspired by his findings. He marveled at the progression from early mechanical timepieces originally used as navigational tools for sailing and exploration, to modern watches often used as luxurious fashion accessories for either style or status.

Falling in love with poeticism of mechanical watches, he found himself relating to what Patek Philippe once famously said, “You never actually own one. You merely look after it for the next generation.” He started sketching, driven by an endless creative energy.

He traveled to Europe, toured prominent watch brands, and visited the regions of Switzerland’s most prolific manufacturers. Eventually, he found an independent watch company in Lucerne, Switzerland. At first, it was just one completely custom piece. It was to be a family heirloom, for him to hand down one day, but the creative energy didn’t stop.

What started out as various rough outlines in a notebook, evolved over time into intricate designs that represented historically significant events, but with an Austin charm. Our first series, the Bergstrom, symbolizes the innovation of early pilots who strapped their pocket watches around their wrists during flight. Meanwhile, the Barton Springs 656 takes advantage of more modern watch technology, such as automatic mechanical movement, to create a long lasting and reliable diving watch. All of our watches are a fusion of classic design and Austin’s unique essence, making each a timepiece firmly rooted in the present, while still paying homage to the past.

Our Promise

At DuFrane Watches, we only use Swiss mechanical movements in our watches because quality should never be compromised. We perform all assembly and tuning here in the United States. Other watch parts are sourced locally, from Austin, Texas, whenever possible. All of our custom watches come with an international one-year warranty. For other inquiries, contact us here.